Gather and use high quality feedback about teaching practices and student engagement to improve learning outcomes across your district or state. Use insights from survey results to organize targeted professional development and school improvement initiatives. Ensure that improvement activities are focused and on track by using Tripod’s research-based framework for data analysis and reporting. Trusted by policy makers across the country, the Tripod survey can also serve as one of multiple measures to enhance teacher evaluation systems.


Student and Teacher Surveys

Student and Teacher

Created with educators and validated by independent research, student surveys provide feedback on teaching practices, student engagement, and a range of other issues including success mindsets, youth culture, and school safety. Tripod teacher surveys provide an honest, efficient, and effective method for conveying teacher feedback to administrators.

Tripod Scoring Engine

Tripod Scoring

Millions of students have completed Tripod surveys in a wide range of settings. Survey data from over 125,000 classrooms are used to calibrate results using Tripod’s scoring engine. Scoring can be provided using various comparison groups, and adjustments by classroom type are available.

Analysis and Reporting

Analysis and

Survey results are analyzed and presented in user-friendly, online reports designed for teachers as well as for school and district leaders. Reports highlight areas of strength and opportunities for growth. When the use of surveys is sponsored by the district, district leaders work with teachers to determine if results will be private or shared with supervisors.

Customized Support Services

Customized Support

Tripod offers a range of consulting services. This includes phone-based support and custom data analysis. We can also facilitate professional development sessions for audiences including teachers and school leaders as well as state and district administrators. The purpose of support is always to enable effective use of Tripod results.


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