Tripod Education Partners works with states, districts, and schools to gather, organize, and report on student, teacher, and family perspectives. As pioneers in the field, Tripod’s nationally recognized surveys were first developed in 2001 by Dr. Ronald F. Ferguson of Harvard University with educators in Ohio. Our surveys gather data from students about themselves, their classrooms, and their schools. They collect feedback from teachers about their experiences as teachers and perspectives about strengths and opportunities for improvement. Tripod surveys also provide an opportunity to gather valuable feedback from families.

Take Advantage of Flexible Implementation Models

Tripod offers a range of options for survey instruments and data collection methods:

  • Traditional, longer-form surveys allow input from families, teachers, and students through weekly surveys delivered via email or text message.
  • Customizable surveys allow flexibility to fit district needs and strategic goals.
  • Dashboards are available in real-time for school and district leaders.
  • Tripod also offers consulting services from our experienced team of researchers and implementation staff.

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