Guide to Tripod’s 7Cs Framework


Tripod’s 7Cs™ framework of effective teaching and associated survey measures capture essential elements of instructional practice. Student survey results aligned with the 7Cs framework offer a streamlined way to provide actionable feedback for teachers and school leaders. Better survey results on the 7Cs components predict higher student achievement, engagement and motivation, as well as success skills and mindsets (Ferguson & Danielson, 2014; Ferguson et al., 2015; Kane & Cantrell, 2010; Kane et al., 2013; Stuit, Ferguson, & Phillips, 2013). Strategic use of Tripod surveys together with the 7Cs framework supports reflection, goal-setting, professional learning, and instructional improvement.

The 7Cs framework groups components into three conceptual categories: personal support (care and confer), curricular support (captivate, clarify, and consolidate); and academic press (challenge and classroom management). This guide provides details about the 7Cs framework, including indicators of exemplary practice, reflection questions, and sample strategies, as well as sample survey items related to each of the 7Cs components.

Personal Support

Cultivating teacher-student relationships and a classroom climate where students feel valued and welcomed


Show concern for students’ emotional and academic well-being

  • Build relationships
  • Address learning needs


Encourage and value students’ ideas and views

  • Respect perspectives
  • Promote discussion
  • Invite input
Curricular Support

Teaching in ways that make the curriculum engaging, accessible, and coherent


Spark and maintain student interest in learning

  • Design stimulating lessons
  • Facilitate active participation


Help students understand content and resolve confusion

  • Explain clearly
  • Check for understanding
  • Provide constructive feedback


Help students integrate and synthesize key ideas

  • Review and summarize
  • Connect ideas
Academic Press

Fostering classroom conditions that require students to stay focused on achieving their full potential


Insist that students persevere and do their best work

  • Press for rigorous thinking
  • Press for quality work
  • Press for persistence

Classroom Management

Foster orderly, respectful, and on-task classroom behavior

  • Manage activities
  • Manage behavior

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