Understand more about what students are experiencing. Identify areas of strength and opportunities to improve. Increase student engagement and learning outcomes. Track progress over time.


Student Surveys


A well-designed, confidential survey provides students with an important way to share their perspectives. Created with educators and validated by independent research, Tripod surveys provide feedback about key dimensions of school life and teaching practices. A range of administration options are available and our teacher-driven model allows teachers to receive results in real-time.

Analysis and Reporting

Analysis and

Tripod uses millions of student responses across over 225,000 classrooms to benchmark and calibrate results. Survey responses are analyzed and presented in user-friendly, online reports designed for teachers. Reports highlight areas of strength and opportunities for improvement, so teachers can quickly gauge where to focus attention.

A Framework for Professional Learning

A Framework for Professional Learning

Working closely with educators, Tripod has refined the Tripod framework over the course of more than a decade. The framework helps structure teacher reflection and goal-setting, and we provide protocols and useful resources to support teachers and their professional learning.

Tripod Resources and Community

Tripod Resources
and Community

We know there are a wide range of resources available to support professional learning. These may be offered by schools and districts or freely available on the internet. We are partnering with educators to collect and organize these available resources. We are also building online communities focused on the Tripod framework.


Encourage your school to make Tripod surveys available to you. Organize a team to use results for your professional learning. Sign up to learn more.