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How We Help

Research-based and validated K-12 student, family, and teacher surveys to help you measure what matters

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measure what matters

Measure what matters.

Tripod provides an extensive suite of surveys and solutions that enable district and school leaders to gather actionable insights at all levels of a school system from student to community.

What We Do

Tripod implements research-based and validated surveys in schools to help educators improve outcomes for their community. We offer a purpose-built solution and manage implementation and action planning. Tripod Surveys provides you with:
  • Research-validated surveys
    Receive valid and reliable results that are actionable for school, district, and state administrators to drive improvement.
  • Access to Tripod's Large Suite of Surveys
    Collect student, family, and teacher perceptions on a variety of topics
  • State of the Art Reporting

    Our reporting and data dashboards allow teachers and administrators to dis-aggregate data and track progress over time.

  • Comprehensive Support
    Our cross-functional team has a wealth of expertise in project management, survey development and research, data management, and data consulting.
  • Action Planning
    Our consulting team uses your actionable survey data to help you make school and district improvements.
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Our Research-Based and Validated Surveys

Student-Level Surveys
Student-Level Surveys

Student level surveys to measure student well-being and provide teachers and staff with ongoing insight into social-emotional learning competencies such as student sense of belonging.

Classroom-level surves
Classroom-Level Surveys

Classroom-level surveys to capture key dimensions of classroom life and teaching practices that highlight areas of strength and opportunities for improvement for each teacher, so teachers and leaders can quickly gauge where to focus attention.

School-Level Surveys

School-level surveys to understand teacher, staff, and leader perceptions and behaviors in order to target support and professional learning in high-impact areas.

Systems-Level Surveys
Systems-Level Surveys

Systems-level surveys to measure internal systems and practices of the organization including leadership, curriculum, instructional practices, social-emotional, and family connections.

Community-Level Surveys
Community Surveys

Community surveys to better understand and address the experiences, needs and opinions of the system’s constituents.

What Our Partners Say

“We firmly believe that student voice has an important place in school improvement efforts. Tripod’s classroom-level instruments already drive professional growth and evaluation in our district, and we look forward to adding school climate data to our toolkit as we work to establish and maintain environments in which all teachers can teach and all students can learn.” - Pittsburgh Public Schools
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“We would recommend [the Tripod] services to other districts or agencies that are looking to provide meaningful student feedback to teachers and schools.” - District of Columbia Public Schools IMPACT Team, which worked with Tripod over the last 5 years to administer the 7Cs student perception survey to over 25,000 students annually
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“They have been instrumental in helping us better understand the dynamic and ever evolving student experience at the school…. I would recommend their services to any school or school district looking for reliable, trustworthy partners to help shape their program with more data-informed strategies.” “Extremely positive experience.” - Mike Barker Director of Institutional Research for Harvard Westlake School (#1 Private School on
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