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Surveys for Students

Discover how student perception surveys can transform the classroom experience and unlock the value of student perspectives.

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Comprehensive classroom insights

Enhance your teaching with valuable student insights. By using Tripod’s thoughtfully designed student surveys, teachers can gain valuable perspectives on their students’ educational experiences. This feedback can be used to make targeted improvements that result in increased engagement, agency, and academic achievement.

Tripod surveys, the most validated student survey in the market, offer a comprehensive understanding of the classroom experience and teaching practices from the perspectives of students.


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Learn how these surveys can inspire improvement and enrich teaching experiences, and why they are an essential resource for educators seeking to improve their practices and student outcomes.

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Empower student voice

Our decision to conduct student surveys at the classroom level is based on a series of core beliefs.
  • Students are perceptive observers.
    First and foremost, we recognize that students are perceptive observers who can provide valuable insights to their educational experiences.
  • Students should be at the forefront of their learning experiences.
    With Tripod's well-designed surveys, we can provide them with a meaningful platform to express their thoughts and emotions, while also offering valuable insights about their learning environment.
  • Students' perspectives can help us grow.

    This perspective gives voice to the people we serve and allows us to identify areas of strengths and growth in the school’s curriculum, teaching methods, and overall school environment. 

Tripod Website Illustrations (650 × 438 px) (850 × 400 px)

7 Key Dimensions of Teaching Practices

We know there are also other ways to collect feedback from students such as asking students open-ended questions or using tools such as exit slips. A well-designed, confidential student survey provides students with another important way to share their perspectives.Tripod surveys provide a comprehensive understanding of the classroom experience and teaching practices from the perspectives of students. Our surveys are designed using the 7Cs framework, which focuses on key dimensions of teaching practices:

  • Care
    Demonstrate warmth and provide emotional support.
  • Confer
    Encourage and value students’ ideas and input.
  • Captivate
    Spark and maintain student interest in learning.
  • Clarify

    Explain clearly, check for understanding, and resolve confusion.

  • Consolidate

    Help students integrate and synthesize key ideas.

  • Challenge
    Press for effort and rigorous thinking.
  • Classroom Management
    Foster orderly, respectful, and on-task classroom behavior.
7cs framework

Tripod 7Cs Framework for Effective Teaching

This guide provides details about the 7Cs framework, including indicators of exemplary practice, reflection questions, and sample strategies, as well as sample survey items related to each of the 7Cs components.

Our Vision

Unlock the value of student perspectives with our Tripod survey process.

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Collect Student Perception Data with Tripod Surveys

Educators collect and analyze student perception data with Tripod surveys to better understand what students are experiencing.

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Support Teacher Reflection & Professional Learning

This data supports teacher reflection, goal-setting, and professional learning. Teachers are able to use structured time to reflect, set goals, and work on new strategies with colleagues.

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Increase Student Engagement, Agency, and Academic Performance

Teachers refine practices and improve learning outcomes, with benefits for both students and teachers.

Featured Products

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Tripod 7Cs Student Perception Survey

Available for grades K-12, the Tripod 7Cs Student Perception Survey is centered around the Tripod 7Cs Framework of Effective Teaching, which represents that best set of teaching practices. Students provide feedback on their perception of the classroom teaching and learning environment. Research valid and reliable results are provided directly to teachers as well as at the school, district, and state level.

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Tripod Student Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Survey

The Tripod Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion student survey is designed to capture student perceptions diversity, equity and inclusion issues in their school. Schools and districts use this data to get a clearer picture of how diversity, equity, and inclusion impact different groups of students. Data from this Tripod survey can help inform school or district wide DEI improvement initiatives or strategic planning.

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Tripod Student Social and Emotional Competency Survey 

Tripod’s Social and Emotional Competency Survey for Students (SEL-C) enables educators and school leaders to assess and monitor students’ social and emotional strengths and opportunities for growth. Aligned to the CASEL framework, this Tripod survey provides schools and districts the data to inform specific interventions and improve each student’s educational experience.

Looking for more student surveys?

Our Tripod Suite of Surveys includes almost a dozen different survey tools. We also work with districts to design and deliver custom-built surveys to meet the needs of your district or school.

Contact us to learn more.

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Impact Student Outcomes

We are committed to improving the educational experience and quality of instruction for all students, which is why recommend capturing your student voices over time. No single measure is perfect, and so we advocate for the use of multiple measures, across multiple times, over multiple years.

Our vision is to unlock the value of student perspectives by inspiring improvement and enriching pedagogy. By using Tripod student surveys, teachers can quickly gauge where to focus their attention, and then seek out professional learning that is focused on issues revealed by survey results. This can lead to simple changes in style or content that support important improvements in classrooms and across schools. 

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What Our Partners Say

“We firmly believe that student voice has an important place in school improvement efforts. Tripod’s classroom-level instruments already drive professional growth and evaluation in our district, and we look forward to adding school climate data to our toolkit as we work to establish and maintain environments in which all teachers can teach and all students can learn.” - Pittsburgh Public Schools
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“We would recommend [the Tripod] services to other districts or agencies that are looking to provide meaningful student feedback to teachers and schools.” - District of Columbia Public Schools IMPACT Team, which worked with Tripod over the last 5 years to administer the 7Cs student perception survey to over 25,000 students annually
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“They have been instrumental in helping us better understand the dynamic and ever evolving student experience at the school…. I would recommend their services to any school or school district looking for reliable, trustworthy partners to help shape their program with more data-informed strategies.” “Extremely positive experience.” - Mike Barker Director of Institutional Research for Harvard Westlake School (#1 Private School on
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