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Surveys for Districts

Discover how Tripod's surveys can transform the learning experience and unlock the value of student, family, and teacher perspectives.

Tripod Website Illustrations (650 × 438 px)(5)
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Drive School District Success Through Survey Data

Tripod Surveys are valuable tools for gathering essential feedback and insights for schools and districts to drive transformative impact.

Our surveys provide a comprehensive and research-backed approach to gathering feedback on teaching practices, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI),  Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), and student perception that empower the efforts of school districts across the country.

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Learn how Tripod's surveys can inspire improvement and enrich learning experiences, and why they are an essential resource for districts looking to elevate student achievement.

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Benefits of Tripod Surveys

Tripod surveys offer a valuable opportunity to evaluate teaching practice from multiple perspectives. Tripod Surveys provides you with:
  • Research-validated surveys
    Receive valid and reliable results that are actionable for school, district, and state administrators to drive improvement.
  • Access to Tripod's Large Suite of Surveys
    Collect student, family, and teacher perceptions on a variety of topics
  • State of the Art Reporting

    Our reporting and data dashboards allow teachers and administrators to dis-aggregate data and track progress over time.

  • Comprehensive Support
    Our cross-functional team has a wealth of expertise in project management, survey development and research, data management, and data consulting.
  • Action Planning
    Our consulting team uses your actionable survey data to help you make school and district improvements.
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Inform Teaching Practice

Tripod surveys offer a valuable opportunity to evaluate teaching practice from multiple perspectives. Tripod Surveys can help you:
  • Gather insightful feedback
    We gather feedback from students about their learning environments, response to instructional practice, and their relationship with their teachers to provide a holistic understanding of the classroom to measure the instructional effectiveness.
  • Know your district's strengths and growth opportunities
    The data collected across multiple constructs provides school districts an insight to the areas of strengths and areas for improvement across their schools that allows them to look for trends, patterns, areas of inequities to provide targeted professional development programs and to inform support structures to enhance the teaching quality across their district.
  • Impact Results

    This feedback driven approach leads to increased student engagement, improved pedagogy, and ultimately, better academic outcomes across all district schools.

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Prioritize the Student Experience

Ensure your schools prioritize student voice and agency to create a student-centered learning environment. The Tripod 7Cs Student Perception survey is a student level survey that collects students’ feedback on their experience in a particular classroom with a particular teacher. The 7Cs Student Student Perception survey is centered around the 7Cs Framework of Effective Teaching. This framework represents the best set of teaching practices:

  • Care
    Demonstrate warmth and provide emotional support.
  • Confer
    Encourage and value students’ ideas and input.
  • Captivate
    Spark and maintain student interest in learning.
  • Clarify

    Explain clearly, check for understanding, and resolve confusion.

  • Consolidate

    Help students integrate and synthesize key ideas.

  • Challenge
    Press for effort and rigorous thinking.
  • Classroom Management
    Foster orderly, respectful, and on-task classroom behavior.

Tripod’s 7Cs framework of effective teaching and associated survey measures capture essential elements of instructional practice. Student survey results aligned with the 7Cs framework offer a streamlined way to provide actionable feedback for teachers and school leaders. Better survey results on the 7Cs components predict higher student achievement, engagement and motivation, as well as success skills and mindsets. Strategic use of Tripod surveys together with the 7Cs framework supports reflection, goal-setting, professional learning, and instructional improvement. 

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Tripod 7Cs Framework for Effective Teaching

This guide provides details about the 7Cs framework, including indicators of exemplary practice, reflection questions, and sample strategies, as well as sample survey items related to each of the 7Cs components.

Featured Products

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Tripod 7Cs Student Perception Survey

Available for grades K-12, the Tripod 7Cs Student Perception Survey is centered around the Tripod 7Cs Framework of Effective Teaching, which represents that best set of teaching practices. Students provide feedback on their perception of the classroom teaching and learning environment. Research valid and reliable results are provided directly to teachers as well as at the school, district, and state level.

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Tripod Student Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Survey

The Tripod Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion student survey is designed to capture student perceptions diversity, equity and inclusion issues in their school. Schools and districts use this data to get a clearer picture of how diversity, equity, and inclusion impact different groups of students. Data from this Tripod survey can help inform school or district wide DEI improvement initiatives or strategic planning.

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Tripod Student Social and Emotional Competency Survey 

Tripod’s Social and Emotional Competency Survey for Students (SEL-C) enables educators and school leaders to assess and monitor students’ social and emotional strengths and opportunities for growth. Aligned to the CASEL framework, this Tripod survey provides schools and districts the data to inform specific interventions and improve each student’s educational experience.

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Tripod Data Triangle

Tripod’s Data Triangle Survey builds capacity for schools and districts to monitor progress against evidence-based research of what works. It brings together research and 25 years of demonstrated impact. Data Triangle users can regularly assess the culture of the organization as a whole, measure progress according to specific indicators, engage key groups - staff, students, and families - and set the organization up for long term, sustained success.

Looking for more surveys?

Our Tripod Suite of Surveys includes almost a dozen different survey tools. We also work with districts to design and deliver custom-built surveys to meet the needs of your district or school.

Contact us to learn more.

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The Data Triangle: Proven Tool To Monitor What Works

The Data Triangle contains performance benchmarks including a School Performance Scan, Family Engagement Survey, and Student Voice Survey to help leaders easily triangulate on successes, and provide actionable insights for school improvement in the ares of leadership, curriculum, instructional practices, student social-emotional, and family connections. Download the report to more about the evidence and research behind the Data Triangle.

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Improve Student Outcomes

We are committed to improving the educational experience and quality of instruction for all students, which is why recommend capturing your student, family, and staff voices over time. No single measure is perfect, and so we advocate for the use of multiple measures, across multiple times, over multiple years.

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What Our Partners Say

“We firmly believe that student voice has an important place in school improvement efforts. Tripod’s classroom-level instruments already drive professional growth and evaluation in our district, and we look forward to adding school climate data to our toolkit as we work to establish and maintain environments in which all teachers can teach and all students can learn.” - Pittsburgh Public Schools
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“We would recommend [the Tripod] services to other districts or agencies that are looking to provide meaningful student feedback to teachers and schools.” - District of Columbia Public Schools IMPACT Team, which worked with Tripod over the last 5 years to administer the 7Cs student perception survey to over 25,000 students annually
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“They have been instrumental in helping us better understand the dynamic and ever evolving student experience at the school…. I would recommend their services to any school or school district looking for reliable, trustworthy partners to help shape their program with more data-informed strategies.” “Extremely positive experience.” - Mike Barker Director of Institutional Research for Harvard Westlake School (#1 Private School on
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